Outfit – Framed

We’ve had something of an obsession with Outfit since their first album Performance worked its way into our brains in a real slow-burning kind of way. Follow up LP Slowness has done exactly the same since its release last month.

We first saw the band supporting Everything Everything on board Bristol’s Thekla venue a couple of years ago, and again supporting EE alongside the fantastic Dutch Uncles in the same city. In fact, we had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew and Tom from the band in an interview for the 365Bristol website and they were charming and engaging company. The nature of that chat also revealed something about the intelligent and thoughtful way in which the band constructs its abstract, innovative brand of electronic pop.

A lengthy hiatus followed but they have returned. Our concern when we first heard material from the new LP was that it might be a little too close to the album title – the track Genderless sounded a little lacking in pace and hooks on first listen, but grew steadily, and many of the others on the Slowness album have a similar slow-burn quality.

Our favourite from the album is Framed, is a beautifully atmospheric piece of work with soft vocals and a rich musical arrangement. This band has progressed hugely with this second album and it’s fair to say that right now, they are probably on a creative par with Dutch Uncles. They certainly deserve much wider recognition.

Outfit – Framed

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