LIVE: The Ordinary Boys (The Cavern, Exeter 22/10/15)

Kicking off a mammoth UK tour, The Ordinary Boys were far from that in the tight confines of Exeter’s Cavern…

Touring the band’s fourth album – eponymously titled The Ordinary Boys – Preston and crew are bringing their punk/indie/pop sound back for a fresh airing with a 28-date tour.

Having seen the band way back in 2005, it was fascinating to see the band’s latest incarnation a decade on. Whilst there have been numerous band personnel changes – and frontman Preston has been largely focusing on a successful songwriting career that includes a number 1 with Heart Skips A Beat for Olly Murs – you get the sense that there is still unfinished business for this band.

Although the hour-long set showcased plenty of material from their new album, they didn’t fall into the trap that so many long-established bands do of giving their older stuff short shrift. Instead, they gave outings for all of the fans favourites, including Seaside, Week In Week Out, Life Will Be the Death of Me and of course, their most successful single Boys Will Be Boys.

Preston explained that they performed to Exeter’s Cavern way back in 2004 – with support from then-unknowns The Cribs and Kaiser Chiefs no less! This performance itself was beautifully shambolic, with mic stands falling over, lots of crowdsurfing by Preston, and some impressive moshing for a venue so small. And yet, it all added up to make a hugely enjoyable gig in pretty much every sense.

On stage was a band that was clearly enjoying itself – a marked change from 2005’s version which, with hindsight, appeared sometimes to be trying a little too hard. Today’s Ordinary Boys are all about the fun, so if a town near you is on their tour list during the next month, don’t miss this slice of raw music entertainment.

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