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Midway through last year, Westcountry singer-songwriter Phil Cooper realised he’d had enough of skirting around the edges of the music business, and decided to quit his job as technical director of an internet company in order to commit to a fully professional music career. Six months later he has emerged with a brand new album, Things I’ll Never Say.

Cooper was determined to create an album which showcased his songwriting ability, and the result is a polished sound aligned with well-written, accomplished material.

The album is a contrast to the stripped-back nature of his 2014 Half Live album – which aimed to commit to record the atmosphere and style of his live performance – this time with a rich sound achieved through calling in favours from musical friends to add further depth through additional instrumentation.

Sticking to his DIY ethics, Cooper has released the album himself through CDBaby, and continues to self-fund his tours around the UK. The album is available now from his website, with iTunes, Amazon etc to follow.

This track, Stepping Off The Edge, tells the story of his ‘leap of faith’ move from a safe and secure job to pursue his musical ambitions. It’s a great tune, with vocals that bring to mind the superb Neil Finn of Crowded House.

We’re glad he has taken the plunge and look forward to hearing more – and hopefully catching a show during his UK tour which runs throughout March, April and May (see tour dates).

Phil Cooper – Stepping Off The Edge

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  1. Brilliant album by a talented songwriter. Shame more people of this calibre aren’t picked up by the mainstream radio programmes. More should be hearing Phil’s brilliant songs.

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