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Singer songwriter Penny Bridges has a beautifully silky smooth voice that could lend itself to a whole host of musical styles.

Bridges, 21 from Wolverhampton, is currently putting the finishing touches to an EP later this year but in the meantime, she has a couple of tracks on Soundcloud that give a taster of a promising new artist.

Writing, singing and playing the guitar on these two songs, she is joined in putting the tracks together by producer Thomas Mellor who has done a fantastic job in building up a rich, all-encompassing sound. Bridges tells Sync: “I really love the production process because it’s a lot like chapters in a book – each time you add an element you are building up the story. It’s really enjoyable.”

Bridges is already making plans to hit the road, starting in May with a slot supporting Luke Concannon (Nizlopi). It is the next step in the progression of a musical passion that has driven her throughout her teens. “I’ve been writing really from a young age, probably since I was 13/14, and I think my process is very much based on what I feel, events I see around me and sometimes just stories I see in my mind that I think I can translate into song.” She adds: “I feel that my music is neither one genre nor another. I write in the moment – some of my songs are quite dark, others connect with people, and some are almost like mini adventrues, such as a Western-inspired song that I’ve been working on called Pray You Don’t Get Hit.

“I was once told by a great friend of mine that my music sounds like it was just picked from the ether. I’m always grateful and humbled by that description.” We look forward to hearing more of this ethereal talent very soon.

Penny Bridges – Ascendency

Penny Bridges – You Cry Yourself Away

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