TRACK OF THE WEEK: We Are Scientists – Buckle

Buckle is the lead single from the forthcoming new album from New York indie-pop outfit We Are Scientists and it’s another fantastic tune.

We worked out that it is eleven years since we first saw these guys live, when they were supporting the mighty Editors on their UK tour of that year ahead of the release of debut album With Love And Squalor. Back then, they were a three-piece, but now comprise guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain as the only permanent members, joined for their touring stints by drummer Keith Carne.

Time has not dimmed the band’s energy, creative flair – or bonkers sense of humour – but their longevity has given them the opportunity to indulge in a little bit of introspection, not least to wonder where they fit in to the whole pigeonholing thing that blogs like this one are often so guilty of.

“We’ve always made overtures toward being a pop band, but we’ve generally had the inclination to obscure those pop leanings in grit and chaos and to screw them up with fuzzed-out tones and raucous performances,” says Murray. “It’s made us really think about what our musical genre is. We’re not punk – we’re too interested in making our songs as pretty as possible. We’re not straight-up rock – our tastes are too left-of-centre. We’re not indie-rock – our heads aren’t far enough up our own butts. So finally, after putting as much time into thinking about it as we’re apt to – about ten minutes, over beers – we decided that our genre is ‘Helter Seltzer’.”

“Declaring a new genre is obviously douchey as hell though, and impossible to deliver with a straight face,” adds Cain, “so we did the noble thing and just made ‘Helter Seltzer’ the album title.”

Helter Seltzer – the band’s fifth album – is out on 22 April which, by amazing coincidence, is when a whole raft of live dates kicks off with an in-store at London’s Rough Trade East before a run that sees them visit Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, London and Brighton through the end of April and into May.

In the meantime, enjoy our Track of the Week and it’s superb video… the concept for which we suspect was very much Murray’s rather than Cain’s idea!

We Are Scientists – Buckle

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