LIVE: Teleman (Open Norwich, 11/4/16)

Our first sight of London-based band Teleman was back in March 2014 during their support slot on Maximo Park‘s UK tour. They were good then, but it is gratifying to witness their development into a more assured, finely tune live act over that time, no doubt honed during other support tours for the likes of Suede, Metronomy and Kaiser Chiefs.

Heralding the release of their second album Brilliant Sanity earlier in the month, the indie-pop four-piece had their new set of tunes to present live for the first time and the direction that they have taken things in seems to have reinvigorated their performance.

Teleman are headed by flawless frontman Thomas Sanders (vocals/guitar) along with his brother Jonny (synths), Pete Cattermoul (bass) and Hiro Amamiya (drums). The sound is tight and well-drilled, but with just enough looseness to let some of the character of the songs really come through.

Their Norwich set comprised a mix of songs from the new album and also from their 2014 debut LP Breakfast, including 23 Floors Up, Skeleton Dance, Cristina, and Steam Train Girl. Several of the tracks from the new album seemed to have instant appeal, not just singles Fall In Time and Düsseldorf. English Architecture, Tangerine and Glory Hallelujah all got an airing and it was great to hear them each given a live spin.

They wrapped up with the storming Not In Control which, like Steam Train Girl (also from the Breakfast album), has an anthemic quality that is relentless and atmospheric, building into a wall of sound that doesn’t necessarily come across on the recorded version – although you get a hint of it on this live performance recording from late 2015. In person, it makes the hairs on your neck stand up. It’s worth going to one of their gigs purely for moments like this.

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