Metronomy – Old Skool

If there’s one group that can be guaranteed to deliver something different every time then it’s Metronomy. Back with a new album, Summer 08 (out 1 July), the new material takes things in another direction altogether, just as each of their previous albums have done.

We totally fell in love with album-before-last, 2011’s The English Riviera but were less inspired by follow-up Love Letters. The new material however promises to take a different turn again, not least as it’s pretty much the sole work of frontman and Metronomy instigator Joseph Mount.

Old Skool reflects the new album’s upbeat disco-infused sound. It’s a bonkers track with a bonkers video and, much like most of Metronomy’s music, won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But this is firmly stuck in our heads and we love it.

Metronomy – Old Skool


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