LIVE: Everything Everything (Bristol, 28/5/16)

Everything Everything are one of those bands who, given the ‘alternative’ nature of their material (who’d want to be ‘normal’ anyway?!), would never have realistically expected to become widely known beyond their own cult following. And yet, the winning combination of lead singer Jonathan Higgs’ wildly varied falsetto vocals atop the bands quirky sound and atypical rhythm has enough brilliant hooks to have made them a mainstream radio favourite against the odds.

We’ve seen the band live many times since they burst onto the scene with their 2010 debut album Man Alive, and they’ve progressed steadily over the years. They now deliver a live performance that is slick but not too slick, and with all the hallmarks of a well-drilled yet highly creative rapport within the group.

Their set at Bristol’s Love Saves The Day was frustratingly truncated as sadly has to be the case at festivals, so there was a lot of good stuff from across their three-album discography missing. Nevertheless, they covered some gems, with Cough Cough, Don’t Try, Kemosabe, MY KZ, YR BF and, from this year’s Get To Heaven LP, Regret, No Reptiles and the superb Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread. They closed with real crowd pleaser Distant Past.

It was a strong start to what is a truly formidable schedule of festivals for the band this summer.

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