NZCA LINES – Oh (Call Me Back)

We’re more than slightly obsessed with music that we could never in a million years have ever dreamed up ourselves. There are several bands that fit a category of music that we consider shouldn’t in theory work or make sense, and yet ends up being pure genius.

Everything Everything, Hot ChipDutch Uncles, and Metronomy are a few examples of bands we consider leading exponents of this kind of stuff, and this new track from the magnificent NZCA Lines has some very Metronomy-esque qualities about it.

The highly inventive Michael Lovett and top drummer and all-round good egg Sarah Jones have become adept at making music that grabs the attention. Although it might not be absolutely everyone’s cup of tea, their recent album Infinite Summer is (notwithstanding the overuse of this phrase) a genuine creative masterpiece. This track however, is a little bonus that’s not on the album but was created especially for Guy Garvey’s Meltdown Festival which took place earlier this month at London’s Southbank.

Oh (Call Me Back) is awkward on first listen, intriguing on the second, and by the third go you’re hooked. Give it three spins and try telling us we’re wrong!

NZCA LINES – Oh (Call Me Back)

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