Metronomy – Night Owl

It’s been musical convention that for most bands, a new album will (more or less) be a newer, slightly tweaked version of what’s gone before. Sure, they might choose either a more upbeat or sombre direction with material, but it will usually at least be recognisable as the same band.

Joseph Mount’s Metronomy ploughs a very different furrow, in that you never quite know what you’re going to get from one album to the next. We only really got into the band with 2011’s The English Rivera, an album full of endearing and very English songs and markedly different in style to its predecessors Nights Out (2008) and Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) (2006). Follow up to Riviera, Love Letters (2014) was less our thing, but this year’s Summer 08 album, released earlier this month, sees a return to Mount’s quirky ‘go your own way’ brilliance.

There is something wonderfully absurdist about new track Night Owl – and definitely when it comes to the video! – as well as previous single Old Skool. Metronomy’s music is not intended to please everyone, but the new material reaffirms Mount as one of modern music’s real innovators. It’s little wonder so many emerging electronic/alternative bands are naming him as an influence.

Metronomy – Night Owl

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