LIVE: Django Django (Camp Bestival, Dorset, 30/7/16)

It must be a strange feeling for a band being parachuted (not literally!) into a festival as replacements for another act. You can be sure that no-one has gone specifically to see you, and have to hit a high level to turn around those disappointed not to see the originally billed act. Django Django found themselves in this tricky position, having answered the call to replace Arrested Development who were forced to cancel due to illness.

The group flew back from Germany earlier in the day for this festival performance at the family-oriented Camp Bestival, close to the Dorset coast in South West England. The crowd is a strange mix of music fans at the very front, along with groups of families of all ages pitched up with picnic blankets, deckchairs and trolleys to wheel their little ones around the site. To be honest, you get the distinct impression that music is not the primary reason for most attendees but nevertheless, the Django’s got things moving on from the kids entertainment acts that form the earlier part of the day’s schedule – and it can be no enviable task to have to follow the likes of the Chuckle Brothers let’s face it!

Their set included a mix of old and new. From their self-titled debut album came Hail Bop and Default, whilst Shake and Tremble, Reflections and First Light were all among the tracks given an airing from last year’s follow up Born Under Saturn. It was pretty clear that most of the crowd had no prior awareness of the band, which made the eventual enthusiasm all the more impressive.

It was the usual lively and energetic performance from the quartet, who were absolutely on-point and massively improved from the last time we saw them, heading up the NME Awards Tour way back in 2013. Their harmonies were spot-on, links were slick, and above all else, they were clearly having a great time, and this transmitted to the crowd which had up to that point been pretty lifeless despite the beautiful sunny weather. It got the Saturday night atmosphere up and running – and in that respect certainly did the following act (Katy B) a huge favour!

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