Hashish – Outer Spaced

Super-psychedelic Outer Spaced by Swedish group Hashish is as spaced out as the title suggests.

The track is from their debut album A Product Of which is out tomorrow (26 August) on Whoa Dad! records. Hashish are led by Stefan Kéry, an avid record collector and a bit of a retro-psych guru who has been releasing records by Dungen as well as a whole treasure of forgotten Scandinavian prog-psych gold via his own label Subliminal Sounds.

Inspired by  the kaleidoscopic sounds of the 60s and 70s, Hashish have combined retro bass lines and kraut drums with an overall electronic lounge vibe, to create a record that is genre crossing, experimental and yet modern. It kind of picks up what Goat have started and takes it in an even more far out direction. The video really has made me hungry though…

Hashish – Outer Spaced

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