LIVE: Izzy Bizu (Koko, London, 14/9/16)

Izzy Bizu, Koko, London 14/9/16 (c) Sync

It’s always with a slight sense of trepidation that we go to see for the first time live an artist that we’ve been fans of for a while. Will they live up to expectations? Can they really cut it on a big-scale headline show? Well, we need not have worried about this one. South-Londoner Izzy Bizu gave a dazzling performance that reassured that the hype surrounding her has plenty of foundation.

Whilst hers is not yet a household name, plenty of her music will be familiar to many, not least from her vocals on the intro theme for the BBC’s Euro 2016 coverage – an uptempo take on Edith Piaf‘s La Foule – but this gig introduced those who had not yet had a chance to hear it to most of the tracks on her recently-released debut album A Moment of Madness.

Some key highlights included big singles Mad Behaviour and White Tiger, as well as an absolutely sublime pared-back performance of Someone Who Loves You, for which Bizu was joined on stage by electronic duo Honne.

Izzy Bizu, Koko, London 14/9/16 (c) Sync

Her live band left the stage for that one track, but for the rest of the show they were by her side and were as impressive as Bizu. Her music style takes in all manner of jazz and soulful fusions and the musicians and backing vocalists met the task with style and swagger.

What she lacked in assurance at the very beginning of the night – Bizu was clearly (and understandably) initially nervous in front of a sold-out crowd at what is one of London’s most visually stunning venues with its multi-level balconies towering high above the stage – she more than made up for as she settled into proceedings.

In the end, it was clear she was enjoying herself, although not nearly as much as her fans who lapped up everything she did. It was an exquisite vocal performance from a charming and unassuming young singer who has all the attributes to be doing her thing for many, many years to come.

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