Manchester-based three-piece FAITALA released their debut EP Departures this week and lead track Forty-One is already a favourite on our playlists.

Formed in 2013, the FAITALA line up of David Faitala (guitar / vocals), Emma Houlton (synth), and Oli Hughes (drums) were invited to play a live session on Marc Riley’s BBC 6 show after he saw the band play locally at one of their early live shows. The infectious pop of the soon to be released Plush from that three song session was subsequently picked up and played extensively by fellow DJs Tom Robinson on his Music Introducing Mixtape, Gideon Coe, and XFM’s John Kennedy.

Forty-One is also on our latest Sync List so check it out along with a whole heap of other music you may not have heard before for a highly entertaining hour or so of your life! In the meantime though, we caught up with David to get the low-down on the band…

SYNC: So what’s the background to the band? Where are you from and how did things all get started?
David Faitala: It began in Manchester, Emma responded to an online ad with a clip of our track Plush in the title, while Oli and I met performing on the same line-up at a venue in Salford.

SYNC: Tell us about the new EP Departures – has it felt like a long time in the making?
Faitala: The Departures EP is part newer material and part material we have been performing for a while. It has taken a long time to refine our material to end up with the songs on the EP. Over time, certain songs have been left out of our live set and this has shaped this release.

SYNC: What artists, sounds and other influenced have had a bearing on the music FAITALA is making today?
Faitala: At numerous gigs people have said we reminded them of certain bands and the names Metronomy and Blur have been mentioned by far the most frequently. That’s lucky for us because we love those bands. Think retro video gamer with Baroque influences.

SYNC: Last year’s Dutch Uncles mix of Beasts took the song in a whole new direction – how did that mix come about and what is it like to hear your song presented in an entirely different way?
Faitala: Dutch Uncles are a fellow Manchester band whom we really admire for their well defined writing style and production skills. We had a friend in common and asked to see if they’d be interested in a remix. We knew they would produce something special that would take Beasts in a different direction because their writing style is so different to our own. We were really pleased with it – there aren’t many bands who would’ve been able to do what they managed to achieve with it.

SYNC: What does 2017 have in store for FAITALA? Can we expect a few live shows?
Faitala: For 2017, we have some shows in the pipeline and are working on the follow-up EP. We’ve applied to loads of festivals so we’re expecting it to be a step up in intensity from 2016.

FAITALA – Forty-One


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