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Idle Frets

Uplifting and polished, our ears pricked up when we first heard the new single by Liverpool-based indie-pop/rock outfit Idle Frets. Out last month, Glow has the accomplished sound of a group that has been doing its stuff for a few years now and is maturing its sound nicely.

We caught up with the band to find out a little more about them and the evolution of their sound…

SYNC: First of all, can we have a quick introduction – who’s who in the band?
Dave Hennessy: There’s Ben Davies (lead vocals / guitar), me [David Hennessy] (guitar), Luke Lewis (bass in ya face!), Erin Gibson (drums), and Michael Jackson’s spirit (Ben’s dance moves).

SYNC: So what are your musical backgrounds and how did things get started for you as a band?
Despite coming from a very musical family, I loved music but was never actually interested in playing it when I was younger. One of my uncles lent me the first Arctic Monkeys record when I was 15/16 and I absolutely buzzed off it. Then it clicked and I thought, yep that’s what i want to do. From that point I was addicted to the guitar and the rest is history. Idle Frets have existed for ages with a different lineup. I’d been in a few bands when I was younger but around a year ago, Ferg (former bassist) left the band. Luke decided to play the bass and asked me to come play some guitar. I went down to a practice and loved the tunes. I think literally two months later we had written three new songs and had them recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street studios.

SYNC: What influences and musical tastes have fed into the Idle Frets sound?
Luke Lewis:
We’re all into various bands/artists and this changes all the time so it’s difficult to point a finger at anyone in particular but the ideology is that we make music we enjoy both listening to and playing live.

SYNC: What’s the Liverpool/North West music scene like right now? Are there other bands on the circuit that you think more people should know about?
It’s incredible! There’s always something going on somewhere, it’s brilliant to be surrounded by so many talented people. My recent favourites to come out of Liverpool and the North West recently will have to be Clean Cut Kid and Bill Ryder-Jones but as for the circuits, there’s a band called Fake Street who I listened to the other day, they’re pretty damn decent.

SYNC: What’s in store for 2017? Are there live dates to come – and an album in the pipeline?
Lewis: There are plenty of shows to be announced and we’ve got more tunes up our sleeves too. Maybe even a few festivals, too! All shall be revealed in good time.

Idle Frets

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