LIVE: Rose Elinor Dougall (Village Underground, London, 13/2/17)

We’ve been long term fan of Rose Elinor Dougall since catching her performing her solo material in a support slot for Mark Ronson in 2010, with whom she was also collaborating at the time of his album Record Collection.

Dougall has a crystal-sharp voice and a great range, which is put to good effect throughout her second album Stellular. Several tracks from the album were included in this set which was another supporting role, this time for Boxed In – whose frontman Oli Bayston worked with Dougall on production of Stellular.

The album’s title track was a highlight, performed with flair and energy, as were Closer, Strange Warnings and All At Once. In performance, just as on record, Dougall manages to convey both frostiness and warmth at the same time, with lyrics that let you in to glimpse a deeply romantic, vulnerable persona.

Her latest material is in a similar indie-pop vein to that which made her debut album – 2010’s Without Why – such a strong piece of work, but this time there is extra confidence and bounce from an artist who remains bewilderingly underrated.

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