LIVE: Skott (Omeara, London, 7/3/17)

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Skott, London, 7/3/17

Bursting on to the scene at the start of this year with her huge song Glitter and Gloss, Swedish singer-songwriter Skott is experiencing a somewhat meteoric rise in profile. Plenty of radio airplay has brought her considerable talents to a wide audience, so it was no wonder that this gig at London’s small but beautifully formed Omeara  venue near London Bridge sold out ages ago.

Her sound is ethereal and magical, yet amazingly powerful at the same time. Opening with the aforementioned Glitter and Gloss, Skott had to contend with technical issues to begin with, her in-ear monitors failing to work – not that it put her off her stride with the first song, which was as mesmerising as it was dramatic. Although she was clearly and understandably relieved when the problem was resolved.

What followed was a very short – just a little over 30 minutes – yet unforgettable set. What was so striking about her show was just how utterly accomplished she is, both in terms of stage presence and vocal performance. A particular stand-out was her 2016 single Porcelain, which is beautiful enough in its recorded form, but takes on a whole new level of feeling when heard live. Technically tough to sing, it was nevertheless delivered faultlessly, and anyone present who didn’t experience shivers during the song’s crescendo clearly has no soul!

Skott is a simply astounding vocalist with a massive future ahead of her. Don’t miss the next chance to see her for yourself when she returns to London for a show at Village Underground on 13 September. Tickets here.


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