LIVE: Little Comets, Koko, London, 16/3/17

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Little Comets (photo: Tabetha Parrick)

Almost a month after their last show, indie-rock band Little Comets, resumed their UK tour by playing to a lively crowd at Koko in London.

Only six days after the release of their fourth studio album, Worhead, the group delighted fans by playing a wide range of old and new songs. They opened with the album’s title track, merging into an old song, Worry, a tune that has not been absent from the set list since its release in 2012. Continuing to play songs, A Little Opus and Jennifer from second album Life Is Elsewhere, the next new track played was first single from the album, Common Things.

It was clear that fans are devoted to this band, as everyone seemed to know every lyric, including the songs that had been released less than a week ago. The lyrics are something that sets this band apart from others; they have even been described by some as playing ‘kitchen sink indie’, referring to the unusual but relevant themes of their songs. For example, single Hunting from the new album provoked a very enthusiastic response from the crowd, a song that is literally about fox hunting. Additionally, the bands instruments and set were covered in lyrics from old and new songs, most notably the phrase ‘Eat Your Hate’ was displayed in bold, capital letters from song Ex-Cathedra from their third album Hope Is Just a State of Mind.

The band knew what songs would please the crowd, making sure to include famous single One Night In October from first album In Search of Elusive Little Comets which, even though was played in the middle of March, still generated a passionate response. Finishing with Dancing Song from the same album – a track simply made to be played live – the show ended on a real high, leaving fans begging for more.

Words & photos: Tabetha Parrick

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