lany-albumThree years after the release of their first EP Acronyms, American three-piece LANY are finally blessing fans with their much awaited self-titled debut album. Already having four popular EPs under their belt and having supported the likes of Halsey, Troye Sivan and Ellie Goulding on tour, LANY have built a strong name for themselves along with a large and devoted fan base.

The album opens with the calming sound of rain in short but sweet track Dumb Stuff which quickly develops into an electric love song, setting the energetic and passionate tone of the album. The next song, single Breakup, manages to contrast the pain of being alone with a lively dance beat, along with lyrics that speak to any lonely teenager’s soul.

Third track Super Far tells the story of an unhealthy relationship in which one person is much more invested than the other. Frontman, Paul Klein, paints the tragic image of knowing it’s doomed for failure but clinging to hope anyway, in lyrics like ‘my heart is so invested, I don’t want to face the truth’ and ‘Got me begging for affection, all you do is roll your eyes’.

The melodic and emotional tone of the album is somewhat interrupted by track Parents which is a voicemail from member Jake Goss’ mum in response to a photo of his new tattoo which he posted on Instagram a few months back. An old fan would recognize this as a reference to song OMG from their first EP, another voicemail from Jake’s mum also starting with the words ‘oh my god’.

ILYSB is the lead single from the album and the song most people will recognise, with the band releasing a music video for it a few months ago. Klein’s strong vocals and powerful lyrics paint a dramatic picture, one of longing, love and lust. It’s the kind of song that you want to live in. First being released three years ago, it’s the oldest song on the album and considered iconic amongst fans.


The next few tracks seem to be describing the aftermath of a relationship, with songs 13 and Hericane detailing the emotions left in the wake of love. Track Hurts also couples lyrics that speak of pain and desperation with an electric guitar riff, a common feature of this record.

The first new single to be released from the album was Good Girls, and may be recognised by non-LANY fans as it was recently sampled in the form of a sunglasses Snapchat filter. This perfectly represents the tone of the song, and the album, as it feels like the right way to listen to it would be on a beach at sunset.

LANY – Good Girls

The penultimate song, So, Soo Pretty can only be described as just that. It’s a dreamy instrumental with the angelic piano chords contrasting with some of the pop tones of previous tracks.

LANY finishes with single It Was Love in which Klein reflects on a previous relationship. When placed in context of the whole record, it seems like he is reflecting on the album itself – making you feel more like you’ve just heard a story.

This record is full of vibrant songs about heartbreak that make you unsure whether you’re supposed to dance, cry or, more likely, both. The album tells the tale of love, whether it be true, unfulfilling or lost and Paul Klein’s vocals wrapped up in beautiful synthetic sounds along with his heartfelt lyrics, make it easy for you to immerse yourself in the story he’s telling.

Review by Tabetha Parrick

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