Ardyn – Throwing Stones

ARDYN_May2017_2One of the things we’re most pleased about typing whenever we get the chance is the phrase ‘new music from Ardyn‘, so naturally we’re rather excited about this post.

New tune Throwing Stones is a further twist in the evolution of the sound of Katy and Rob Pearson, a brother/sister duo from Gloucestershire. Speaking of the song, Katy said: “The song was inspired by feeling very disillusioned, in particular with the current state of politics and unrest in the world. With everything seemingly going a bit haywire, I felt I needed to put that into words. We’d also recently watched The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock which definitely stuck with me, so the song party draws from that film.”

Produced with friend and collaborator, Tourist – aka DJ William Philips who worked alongside the band on superb previous single Together – Throwing Stones is a darker musical home for the duo. A song with intent, focused around Katy Pearson’s piercing lyrics, “You’re somebody that’s not like me, and I won’t believe a word you speak.”

Katy added: “Working on this song was so much fun and Tourist took it to a really exciting place, in fact this is one of our favourite songs we’ve ever written.”

Ardyn – Throwing Stones

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  1. Agree with them on this being one of their best songs (well, they say “favorite” but I’d say best). I liked ‘Together’ but this one is a lot richer and catchier. Played it thru five times the first time I clicked on it. 🙂 An interesting video as well.

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