LIVE: VANT, The Loft, Southampton (22/8/17)

VANT, Southampton, 22/8/17 (photo: Phoebe Reeks)

Indie rockers VANT took to the relatively new Southampton venue The Loft for an energetic Reading and Leeds Festival warm-up show.

VANT burst onto the music scene back in 2015 and have been building a dedicated fanbase since. Their intelligent lyrics clearly depict the messages they want to share with the world, particularly surrounding political and societal issues, which sets them apart from mainstream music. This is shown in songs such as Put Down Your Gun, and Birth Certificate.

The band performed numerous tracks from their debut album Dumb Blood, which was released earlier this year. The moment the band’s performance began, the crowd had a sudden burst of energy which filled the venue. The enthusiastic fans were clearly enjoying themselves, bouncing around and screaming the lyrics to popular songs including Peace & Love, Fly-By Alien and Do You Know Me?

VANT themselves were equally energetic throughout the entire show, their catchy tunes with exciting guitar riffs and heavy drum beats make it hard not to move and sing along. With the band reeling off track after track, the lively crowd had little time to rest. The only real moment of calm was when frontman Mattie Vant encouraged the whole crowd to get involved and crouch down to the floor in Mess Around, ready to jump when the beats kicked back in.

VANT finished their set with favourites Karma Seeker and Parking Lot before returning to the stage after the crowd chanted for more, to perform their encore of Time & Money.

Review & Photos: Phoebe Reeks

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