If there’s one thing guaranteed to grab our attention, it’s a band whose sound crashes across a whole range of musical genres. It’s why we love the likes of Everything Everything and Bristol pair Fossette and Cousin Kula…  in fact, in a similar vein to the latter, one of our latest discoveries serves up a very healthy portion of funk to everything they do, seamlessly combined with their more indie/pop-based leanings.

Brighton’s Luna Blue have been busy putting together a rich set of tunes during the course of developing and honing their sound, culminating in the release of the Nightjar EP last month. We caught up with Seb from the band to find out more about them…

SYNC: Tell us a bit of the background to Luna Blue, how you guys got together etc, and who’s who in the band.
Seb: We’re a four-piece alt rock band from Sussex with Funk and Prog Rock influences. We all met during our first year studying music at Chichester University. We’re made up of Tom High on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ryan Wellman on lead guitar, Nick Davie on bass and myself (Seb Bowen) on drums.

Luna blue artwok 2SYNC: How does the band’s songwriting process work? Does one of you typically take the lead or is it a more collaborative process?
It happens in lots of different ways really! Sometimes if we’re stuck on ideas we’ll just book out a rehearsal space for a few hours and just improve together until something comes out. Other times someone will bring an idea to the table and we’ll fit stuff around it. It can be a guitar riff, a vocal line, a drum groove – anything goes, as long as we think we can run with it! Our golden rule is to be brutally honest with ourselves. If we think something isn’t going in quite the right direction, we’ll scrap it, no matter how long we’d been working on it. Why settle for something you’re not totally happy with?

SYNC: Like all music journos we like nothing better than to categorise bands, and yet it seems really hard to ‘pigeonhole’ Luna Blue. What kinds of bands and genres have fuelled the musical passion for the members of the band over the years – and how would you guys like your sound to be described?!
Yeah, we get that a lot! I guess we don’t quite know ourselves. All four of us listen to such different music, so we’ll have influences from the worlds of Prog Metal, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Indie…pretty much every genre going really! I guess if we had to sum it up in one genre it’d be Alt Funk? Or maybe Pop Prog? Hard to say really!

Luna Blue – Float Away

SYNC: You’re clearly in the middle of a busy couple of months with a few live dates in the diary. How have the shows gone so far and what can fans old and new expect from your upcoming gigs this month and next?
Seb: We’ve had some awesome shows recently! Our EP launch gig at The Hope And Ruin in Brighton went so well, lots of people turned up and there was an awesome energy bouncing between ourselves and the audience; genuinely the most fun we’ve had on stage for a while. We’ve also been playing with some incredible bands that we’ve met along the way like Mosaic (who we’ll be supporting in their hometown of Reading at the Pavlov’s Dog on 28 October) and Fuzzwalker who we supported in their hometown of Staines). Strongly recommend checking both bands out as they’re both phenomenal at what they do.

We always try to keep things fresh live. We like to think that no two shows are quite the same. We’ll always try to improv when we can and throw in a tasty jam or two! Any readers our there who want to come to a show, check out our website for the latest dates.

SYNC: Brighton’s music scene shows no sign of slowing down any time soon – we’ve featured plenty of bands from the city, including Sync favourites Fickle Friends and CROOX among others. What is it about the place that inspires such musical creativity, and do you have any tips on other bands Sync readers should check out from Brighton or beyond?
We’re not quite sure why, but Brighton just has such an incredible artistic buzz about it. Maybe it’s the awesome scenery and the laid back vibe of the place, but it’s something that you pick up on from your first ever visit. We’re actually quite new to the area ourselves having only just moved down from Chichester this summer, so we’re still looking to discover lots of awesome new acts as we push our way into the scene.

As for other bands to look out for, the first one that springs to mind are a band we found online called Sick Joy. They’re playing at The Joker on 16 September along with Fangclub and Johnny Kills. We also feature various artists that we’ve played with or enjoyed watching on our weekly #ShoutoutSundays on our Facebook page. We love sharing with our fans the awesome undiscovered acts that we find along the way – it’s so important for bands to support each other.

Luna Blue – Borrowed Words

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