LIVE: Amber Run, The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth (29/9/17)

Amber Run (3)
Amber Run, Bournemouth, 29/9/17 (photo: Phoebe Reeks)

As part of their current tour, Amber Run took to the Old Fire Station for their first ever gig in Bournemouth. The band arrived on stage to a packed-out venue, full of committed fans who sang along to every song on the setlist.

The energetic and catchy Pilot opened the set, which got people pumped for the rest of the night. Following this was Spark, a clearly well-loved track from their debut album, with everyone screaming the lyrics. Fickle Game highlighted the musical bond between the band, as they performed together in what seemed their own little world.

The set included numerous songs from their debut album, 5AM and their 2017 release For A Moment I Was Lost, including favourites Noah, Good Morning, Just My Soul Responding and Island.

The emotional 5AM showed off the raw vocals of Joe Keogh and mellow track, Wastelands highlighted Keogh’s harmonies with band members Will Jones, Tom Sperring and Henry Wyeth. This set closed with an old favourite, Heaven, with the crowd singing along loud and proud.

For the encore, the lads returned to perform two of their more chilled songs, Haze and I Found which were both well received, before picking the energy back up and concluding with the rockier, No Answers.

Amber Run are clearly passionate about what they do, and at ease on stage, with smiles all round. Several times, Keogh thanked everyone for their continued support. Not only does this band put on an incredible live performance, they clearly love their fans, waiting to meet and greet them after the show.

There’s still chance to catch them at a venue near you, with shows still to come at Gloucester (tonight!), Reading (2 October), Cambridge (3), Brighton (4), Cardiff (6), Oxford (7), Liverpool (8), Wolverhampton (10), and Edinburgh (12). Tickets here.

Review & Photos: Phoebe Reeks

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