LIVE: Seafret, The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth (29/9/17)

Seafret (8)
Seafret, Bournemouth, 29/9/17 (photo: Phoebe Reeks)

Acoustic duo Seafret returned to Bournemouth, this time to support Amber Run at the Old Fire Station as part of their current tour. Though it wasn’t a headline gig, they had a large number of dedicated fans singing along to songs including Give Me Something, Atlantis and Wildfire.

The majority of songs came from their debut album Tell Me It’s Real released in 2016. Their set also included unreleased track, Monsters which was well received by the audience.

Just the first guitar strum of Oceans proved that this song is a real favourite amongst fans, with members of the crowd cheering, before singing along at the top of their voices.

Not only do Seafret give a great live performance, they also have strong stage presence, interacting with the audience between songs. The crowd were engaged throughout, captivated by the delicate vocals of Jack Sedman which were complimented by the talented Harry Draper on guitar and piano.

Review & Photos: Phoebe Reeks

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