LIVE: Tora, The Lexington, London (9/10/17)

Tora, London, 9/10/17 (© Sync Music Blog)

Midway through a huge month-long European tour, Australian group Tora came to London’s Lexington for a sold-out show full of sublime tunes from start to finish.

The quartet from Byron Bay – Jo Loewenthal, Jai Piccone, Thorne Davis, Shaun Johnston – are entirely DIY in their approach, seamlessly blending electronic production with organic instrumentation to create an immersive and wholly engaging sound.

There’s a soulful groove to what they do – something that comes through loud and clear on listening to their debut album Take A Rest. But the live proposition elevates things further still, enabling you to feel as much as hear the music.

There was a lot of love in the room throughout the hour-long set for a band whose profile remains mystifyingly low in the UK. If there’s any justice in the world, they probably shouldn’t remain such a ‘best kept secret’ for much longer.

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