LIVE: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, o2 Academy, Birmingham (28/10/17)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club11
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Birmingham, 28/10/17 (photo: Arta Gailuma)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club kicked off a mammoth world tour in Dublin last month in support of forthcoming album Wrong Creatures (released 12 January 2018), and we caught them at Birmingham’s o2 Academy a couple of nights later.

New material was given an airing alongside their better known classics. Kicking off with new single Little Thing Gone Wild, the stage sunk in deep red light and smoke to set a suitably dramatic tone. The crowd started a little on the subdued side, but soon livened up, with the occasional drink flying high in the air over the crowd every couple of songs.

The San Francisco trio set the bar high right from the start, and didn’t let up in keeping the crowd well and truly pumped up for the duration of what was a comprehensive, exhilarating two hour set.

Setlist: Little Thing Gone Wild / Bandung Hum / Beat the Devil’s Tattoo / Rival / Ain’t No Easy Way / King of Bones / Berlin / Conscience Killer / Haunt / Question of Faith / Love Burns / Stop / Carried From the Start / It’s Good to Be King (Tom Petty cover) – Acoustic Robert Levon Been only / Devil’s Waitin’ – Acoustic Peter Hayes only / Shuffle Your Feet / Rifles / 666 Conducer / Awake / Red Eyes and Tears / Six Barrel Shotgun / Spread Your Love / Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song) /// Ninth Configuration

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