LIVE: To Kill A King, Joiners, Southampton (25/1/18)

The penultimate night of To Kill A King’s tour took place at The Joiners in Southampton. The band took to the stage in a packed venue, before kicking off their set with one of their oldest songs, Bloody Shirt from their first EP released back in 2009.

They then performed Compassion Is a German Word from new album The Spiritual Dark Age, released earlier this month, before launching into Funeral from their debut album, Cannibals With Cutlery. This was clearly a favourite with the audience singing along.

They continued to perform tracks from all three albums, which showcased the diversity of their talent – from more mellow tracks such as Choices to the heavier I Used to Work Here, Perhaps You Did Too? 

ToKillAKing (13)
To Kill A King, Southampton, 25/1/18 (photo: Phoebe Reeks)

After these energetic opening tracks, the band slowed it down to perform ballad I Work Nights and You Work Days – a beautiful song which truly shows off the raw vocals of lead singer Ralph Pelleymounter and had the audience captivated. Oh My Love highlighted the harmonies between the backing vocals of the band.

Fictional State closed the first part of their set, a song which begins as an acoustic track leading into an upbeat finale. The crowd cheered for an encore, which opened with The Cranberries’ Zombie, a fitting tribute to lead singer Dolores O’Riordan who recently passed away.

The band then performed their last two songs Choices and Pelleymounter’s personal favourite And Yet which he finished from among the crowd and the rest of the band in a frenzy of guitar and drums on stage.

To Kill a King certainly know how to create meaningful yet catchy songs. Their live show not only demonstrated their talent but also highlighted their passion for making music together. The audience had clearly enjoyed themselves too, singing and dancing from start to finish.

Review & Photos: Phoebe Reeks

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