We’re going dark with this weeks obsession. Liverpool four-piece COLOUR (James Tidd, Scott Harvey, Liam Downey and Connor Dickson) have been busy creating some highly distinctive alt-rock tunes and this, the third to be revealed from their forthcoming EP The Famous Boy Making Things, is an absolute peach.

Black is an angry song taking aim at British newspapers. Lead singer Tidd explains: “They are dividing people and stirring up trouble just to keep sales up.”

There are all sorts of comparisons to be drawn here – everything from the quirk of Everything Everything to the heavy energy of Royal Blood but really their sound is unique so as to not quite resemble anyone else.

The EP was co-produced by the band and Dan Swift (Kasabian, Snow Patrol) and recorded at their own studio on the North West coast of England. Swift says of the group: “Average bands sound like their heroes, good bands sound like other good bands and great bands sound like themselves. COLOUR are a great band”.

COLOUR – Black

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