Rumours – Ways

We make no secret of our love for the beautiful music of London-based trio Rumours, and latest track Ways has all the finely-crafted, understated brilliance we’ve come to expect from a band whose music is clearly a total labour of love.

The vocals of Mark Borgazzi and Marion Solheim dovetail throughout, chiming together naturally, all the while accompanied by the measured, honed production of Federico Bigonzetti. It’s a tried-and-trusted formula for them, but one that continues to evolve, with this latest song capturing all the emotive atmosphere of previous material but seemingly with added confidence and assuredness.

If you lucky/quick enough, you might just be able to snap up the last of the tickets to see their mesmerising live show at London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen tonight, alongside the equally superb Hannah Jane Lewis and LOUUD – ticket info here.

Rumours – Ways

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Rumours, London (12/5/17) © Sync


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