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Giant Party are a soul-infused indie four-piece based from London who have been building momentum nicely over the past 12 months or so. Earlier this year, they released single White Ink which really made us sit up and take notice with its aggressive, pounding guitars and relentless intent.

It was a follow-up to their debut self-titled EP which came out last summer and included the tunes Ambulances, Tongue Tied Lightning and Nighttalk – each of which highlight a wildly diverse set of influences which comes through in their sound which is at times 80s-inspired, but at others super-contemporary.

As a live proposition, they’ve also been setting tongues wagging, particularly during their festival slots last year. In anticipation of hopefully catching them in person during 2018, we wanting to find out more about the band, so caught up with synth player Tim Harrod for a little more detail…

Giant Party Square 2018.jpgSYNC: So tell us a bit of the background to how you guys got together, the band name, and who’s who in the band…
TIM HARROD: Giant Party consists of Allan Harrod (lead vocals and guitar), Mark Hyden (guitar, backing vocals) Hugh Fox (drums) and myself (synths, backing vocals). We formed in London, and this current project has been going for about a year. We have all been in bands before though. I think Allan and Hugh have been in bands together for about 10 years. Our band name comes from the Roald Dahl book The BFG. Everyone imagines that our name is like a massive, crazy party but it’s not… but that kind of fits in well with our live show to be fair.

SYNC: We tend to make life hard for ourselves by being drawn towards bands with a sound that is not easy to describe or pigeonhole and that definitely applies to you guys. How do you think your music is best described?
Yeah it’s hard to describe our music. I guess we’re all into music of loads of different genres and we listen to a lot of music so what comes out is a mixture of all our different music tastes. So some parts may sound like Black Sabbath, then other parts may come out like Grimes or LCD Soundsystem. I guess it’s all pretty subconscious. I would say we aim to make pop music; all our favorite artists like Bowie or The Smiths or Prince make music that breaks into and challenges chart music and brings a different perspective or sound to what is in the charts and makes people question whats going on.

SYNC: What’s the best and worst thing that has been said about the band so far?!
A lot of people say we sound like Phil Collins….guess that’s good and bad.

Giant Party – White Ink

SYNC: White Ink is one that we’ve hardly stopped listening to this year. Tell us a bit about that song, and where does it fit in with other material that you’re working on?
HARROD: Ah amazing glad your enjoying it! I think White Ink is a photograph of our experiences going out in London, it’s basically some big sweaty, dirty night out, and a kind of middle finger to the way particularly men act towards woman in clubs. It’s one of the first songs we wrote, we were listening to a lot of AM by Arctic Monkeys at the time and just wanted to imagine it being played in a club. It’s the one song that was always going to kind of be a stand alone single.

SYNC: There were a couple of big festival moments for you guys last year – what have been the live highlights for the band so far? 
HARROD: Yeah we were really happy to play Bestival which was incredible, along with The Alternative Escape. We also got some big support slots so played in some big venues to like 2000+ people which was pretty surreal. The highlight though was probably playing Kentish Town Forum which was a dream come true I think for all of us. We were kind of just laughing the whole time – I even got a bit teary at some points! We love playing the smaller venues though, intimate shows are really where it’s at. Also being played by Elton John on his Beats 1 show was pretty surreal, as was being played on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music. Big up Lammo for his support!

Giant Party – Tongue Tied Lightning

SYNC: What are the plans for months ahead – can we catch you live at any upcoming shows or festivals?
HARROD: We’ll release another EP later this year. Our headline show at Sebright Arms in London 19 April is gonna be a big one. Then we’re playing some festivals in May including The Great Escape, Live at Leeds and Stag and Dagger fest in Glasgow which we’re really excited about. We’re in the process of confirming some more shows and festivals including our first shows abroad!

Keep an eye out for forthcoming live dates here.

Giant Party – Ambulances

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