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Neighbourhood albumCalifornian band The Neighbourhood finally released their highly anticipated third full length album earlier this month. The self-titled LP begins with Flowers, and immediately it becomes clear that this is nothing like previous album Wiped Out!, but a fresher, more electric sound.

What’s most striking is the band’s ability to alter their sound without dropping their southern California roots. This further displays the lengths of their talent and how their music continues to appeal to their audiences. This being said, fans that have been listening to The Neighbourhood since their first or second LP may feel that they’ve changed their sound too much and that their newer music doesn’t quite do enough to bridge the difference.

The album includes both singles Void, released in February, and Nervous, out just over a week before the release of the album – two outstanding tracks that have done exceedingly well. Also included are two tracks from both EP’s that were released prior to the album, one of which is the closing track Stuck With Me, a mellow and calm song -simple, but also deep.

The Neighbourhood have always displayed raw emotion which gives them real depth and dimension. Continuing to shape for themselves an edgy sound, with this new material they have upped the complexity, allowing them to experiment with different sounds and genres to further develop their own voice. It brings the influence of their earlier material into this new sound, but moved things on to generate a new, emboldened level. It shows a versatility that raises the tantalising question of how much further still they might be able to take it in the future.

Review: Lily Allen-Smith

The Neighbourhood – Scary Love

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