Ducking Punches – I Ruin Everything

Punk rock foursome Ducking Punches have revealed the video to latest tune I Ruin Everything and to say it’s an engaging one would be a massive understatement.

Not only is this a cracking song, but this video is an extremely powerful watch. It tells the story of how the Norwich-based band has come from a place of real individual lows to find solace and strength in their music, and this track flies the flag of recovery and optimism to signify how far they’ve come since those darker times.

Frontman Dan Allen says: “This is the most honest song on the record for me and writing this song saved my life in a very dark time, I was pretty close to checking out. Charlie (the director) asked us all individually one question: ‘What does the record mean to you?’”

It’s taken from their superb new album Alamort which was released in February. It’s full of great stuff but this track is quite possibly their finest piece of work to date. Allen adds: “Making this album made me feel alive again and those release shows really cemented that for me. I think it’s why this video is so special. Charlie did an amazing job on it.”

Catch Ducking Punches live on one of a string of dates around the UK throughout April – tickets here or here.

Photo: Charlie Willis

Ducking Punches – I Ruin Everything

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