LIVE: We Are Scientists, o2 Institute, Birmingham (6/5/18)

Once again, we got the chance to catch the mighty We Are Scientists (we’re not convinced they are by the way!) in a live performance situation and just as before, they smashed it. The smallest room in Birmingham’s o2 Institute was packed full with fans who seemingly already knew all the words to the songs from the duo’s latest album Megaplex, out just over a week earlier and their seventh LP across an impressive 16-year career.

One of their biggest strengths on stage is that they don’t take themselves too seriously, despite the incredible quality of their material and performance. Their live ability is also enhanced by their penchant for inter-song chat, and even a few jokes here and there.

We Are Scientists05
We Are Scientists, Birmingham, 6/5/18 (photo: Arta Gailuma)

The lights kept changing throughout, with different coloured strobe beams adding some visual impact to the show. For final song, Textbook, lead singer Keith Murray climbed over the photo pit barrier into the crowd to sing the song from there.

It was a great evening in the early days of the tour – there are still some UK dates left before they set off for Europe and the US. They’ll then head back to the UK at the end of July for a whole run of festival appearances. Miss them at your peril.

Setlist: Your Light / Great Escape / Buckle / Chick Lit / I Don’t Bite / Now Or Never / It’s A Hit / Too Late / This Scene Is Dead / Make It Easy / One In, One Out / After Hours / No Wait At Five Leaves / Rules Don’t Stop / Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt // Dumb Luck / Nice Guys / Dinosaurs / Textbook

Photos: Arta Gailuma

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