LIVE: Børns, KOKO, London, (17/5/18)

Børns, London, 17/5/18 (photo: Rebecca Cribb)

LA-based pop artist Børns’ ability to take a crowd to a seemingly different reality presents the exceptional level of detail that he puts into all aspects of his performance. Dressed in a pink jumpsuit, Børns is welcomed on stage with an eruption of cheers from fans, some of whom had been queueing for nearly eight hours for the perfect view.

The set began with God Save Our Young Blood, also the first song on the new album Blue Madonna, immediately followed by American Money, with vibes of 70s influence and a feeling of ascending with Børns’ unique falsetto voice. Fan favourite 10,000 Emerald Pools was a standout song due to the glimmery stage lighting that covered the crowd in a sea of Emerald, transforming KOKO and allowing every member of the audience to experience the song in its true setting. Børns’ song Tension seamlessly flowed into a rendition of Madonna’s Holiday, bringing the sunshine to Camden and showing a bit of a humorous side to the performance.

Energy did not falter at any point of the show with the crowd clinging to every lyric. During a seemingly eternal encore, cheers still did not reduce with everyone waiting for Børns to return to the stage to play Electric Love. Finally running back on stage with a slight laugh as if the overwhelming crowd reaction had taken him by surprise, Børns brought the tempo down with Clouds. The highly emotive song, with lyrics such as ‘my memory could be erased, and I’d still be thinking about your face’ connected with every person in the room and certainly raised the intensity.

Børns, London, 17/5/18 (photo: Rebecca Cribb)

Finally, Børns made his exit with the patiently demanded Electric Love, with the whole of the sold out venue engaged in a dance along and opportunity to lose themselves in the song.

A highly anticipated performance from Børns did not disappoint, with his return to the UK for Reading and Leeds Festival in the summer, his sets there are certainly not to be missed.

Setlist: God Save Our Young Blood / American Money / Holy Ghost / Faded Heart / Past Lives / Dug My Heart / I Don’t Want You Back / 10,000 Emerald Pools / Seeing Stars (Stripped) / Supernatural / Second Night of Summer / Tension / Man / Blue Madonna / Dopamine / Sweet Dream // Clouds / Electric Love

Review & photos: Rebecca Cribb

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