Makemake – Lucretia And The Sky

Manchester’s Makemake has released enchanting new tune Lucretia And The Sky. The solo project of avant-pop producer Brendan Williams (Dutch Uncles, GoGo Penguin, Kiran Leonard, Cocoa Futures), Makemake’s track is about the musician and astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel, who moved from Hanover to live in Bath with her Brother William in 1772.

Williams said: “I became fascinated by her story after reading Richard Holmes’ book The Age of Wonder. She contracted typhus at the age of ten and was written-off by her father, who decided that she should not be formally educated. Despite this she became one of the most important astronomers of her time.”

The middle-eight of the track lists some of Hershel’s major discoveries, read by the Berlin born artist Clara Chill. As with the forthcoming Makemake debut album, Lucretia and the Sky features Everything Everything’s Michael Spearman on drums and Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles on bass.

In 2016, Williams co-founded Low Four studios on the site of the former Granada Studios in central Manchester and subsequently set up Low Four Records on which this track is released.

Makemake – Lucretia And The Sky

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