Krrum, the pseudonym of Leeds-based producer and songwriter Alex Carrie, will release his debut album Honeymoon on 15 June. After sharing the first album single Waves earlier this year, the second track from the album is the brooding Phase, full of depth created by a complex web of electronics and bass lines.

Krrum’s music is always eccentric, off-kilter, and highly imaginative, and Phase shows off all those attributes and more. The track was an unexpected product of a free-form studio session. “It kind of just came together and pushed our sound in a direction we hadn’t played with before,” Krrum says. “Those songs tend to be the ones that stick with me.” ​​​​​​​

Having made a big splash with singles Evil Twin and Moon, the debut album Honeymoon promises to deliver a further evolution of his innovative sound over 12 songs distinguished by sharp hooks and bold, soulful dynamics.

Catch Krrum live later this month at London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on 20 June – tickets here.

Photo by Lauren Maccabee


Krrum – Phase

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