Boy Bjorn – Anchorage

Boy Bjorn’s debut single Anchorage, gives a first taste of his forthcoming album and is a deeply personal insight into his creative inspiration. The track is accompanied by visuals made up of a collection of childhood home videos focusing on the loss of loved ones and the emotional impact on his young life.

Born out of a desire to capture moments lost, Brian Holl’s (one half of electronic-folk duo Foreign Fields) new project is full of caricatures and stories from the past with this nostalgic exploration helping him reflect upon and change the way he lives his life today.

Discussing the first track from his debut album (due out in the autumn), Holl said: “This song started when I woke in the dead of morning from a dream about my Grandma Bernita. She’s been gone for some time now and I was never able to talk with her in my adult years. But dreaming sometimes affords you the impossible. She told me she liked Michael Jordan – thought he was the greatest basketball player she’d ever seen. We talked like we were never given the chance to.

“That dream led me to thinking about all of the other relationships in my life that haven’t deepened with people who are still here. Missed connections we all live with when the walls between each other are too large to break down over occasional visits.”


Boy Bjorn – Anchorage

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