Swedish couple Emil and Caroline Jonsson are the minds behind the electro dream pop group ViVii.  The childhood sweethearts incorporate melodious vocal banter interlaced with soft electronic beats and soft guitar, similar to the likes of M83 and The XX. Their debut EP, Savant, is a soothing serenade filled with swaying syncopated beats.

The title track is a particularly uplifting, intricate tune and is a great follow-up to ViVii’s debut single Siv (You & I) which was released in March. 

Vivii is sure to make an impression on the dream pop scene with their sincerity, unique beats, ethereal sound, and soft feathery undertones. Their glittering synths lull you into an atmospheric balmy world. Producer Anders Eckeborn is the third member of ViVii and worked with Emil and Caroline to create this impressively crisp EP.  

This endearing group is bound to be welcomed with open arms by the dream community with their catchy melodies and other-wordly awe.

Words by Gabriela Montiel


ViVii – Savant

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