NEWLOVE – Velvet Sky

Here’s a shimmery, sunny indie-pop tune for the weekend. Bournemouth-based indie-pop band NEWLOVE is led by singer-songwriter Ryan Butterworth and they’ve released new tune Velvet Sky.

Of the tune, Butterworth said: “I am really proud of the new track. Myself and Joe Smith spent a lot of time developing it. Its really gone through a journey of genres and finally come to a point we are very happy with.”

He adds that he is relieved to be putting music out again having had a long break since his solo EP After Rain, Look For Rainbows, released last year. “Its been a while since we last released music as we decided to take a step back and really think about what we wanted and what was going to work, not just on the records but also in a live setting. We decided to change up the whole branding and move away from the whole ‘singer/songwriter’ genre and try do something more as an indie band.”

Velvet Sky is the first release under the name NEWLOVE and Butterworth says there are a few more songs in the pipeline set for release over the next few months. Live dates are also in the planning stages, including a homecoming Bournemouth show.

Photo by Rhona Murphy Photography


NEWLOVE – Velvet Sky

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