Still Corners – The Photograph

Ahead of the release of their fourth album Slow Air, London-based pair Still Corners – Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray – have unveiled new single The Photograph.

‘Atmospheric’ is perhaps the word that best describes their sound, not least since to compare them to any other artist or genre doesn’t quite paint the whole picture. There is an otherworldliness about their sound which suggests the new album will be something of a journey for the listener.

The album title is derived from the sultry heat in Texas which causes everything and everyone to slow down. While writing the album (set for release on 17/8), Still Corners found inspiration in the change of leaving England for the States and traveling around the massive expanse that is North America from the deserts of Texas and Arizona to the beaches of California and mountainous regions of the north east.

Murray says: “We’re always trying to get the sound we hear inside of ourselves, so we moved fast to avoid our brains getting in the way too much. The name Slow Air evokes the feel of the album to me, steady, eerie and beautiful.”

The duo will be touring the UK in the winter with dates in London (29/11), Bristol (30/11), Glasgow (2/12), Manchester (3/12), and Oxford (4/12). Tickets here.

Photo by Bernard Bur


Still Corners – The Photograph


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