The latest new track from Sheffield singer TYNI is Good Luck, a typically slick and insanely catchy slice of pop from an artist we’ve been tracking for a while.

Of the new song, TYNI explains: “It was kind of a ‘shame on you’. I’m not into slamming ex’s, I mean that stuff is personal. I’m about rebirth and thats what this track is and that’s exactly how I wanted people to feel when listening to it; almost like a resurrection, bringing the old me, the real me back to life. We’ve all felt it, I know that for sure.”

Since appearing in one of our Discover features, TYNI has had a busy summer full of shows. You can catch her live on 4 October at the Lending Room in Leeds when she’ll be supporting Patawawa. Ticket info here.


TYNI – Good Luck

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