Garbage, Bristol, 7/9/18 (photo © Martin Allen for Sync)


When a band has been around as long as Garbage, it’s no fluke. Their longevity is down to a combination of relentlessly good material aligned with a level of performance that has always set them apart and helped them stand the test of time.

For this show in Bristol, singer Shirley Manson led a storming set of almost two hours. See our full review over at 365Bristol.com


Setlist: Afterglow / Deadwood / Temptation Waits / Wicked Ways / Special / The World Is Not Enough / 13x Forever / Get Busy With The Fizzy / Hammering In My Head / Medication / Thirteen / Can’t Seem To Make You Mine / I Think I’m Paranoid / Sleep Together / Dumb / Soldier Through This / Lick Of The Pavement / Push It / When I Grow Up / You Look So Fine // The Trick Is To Keep Breathing / Starman

Photos by Martin Allen


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