London singer-songwriter Phildel has released a new single, accompanied by a meticulously animated video by Pixar’s Youri Dekker. The Deep, five years in the making, is a new era for Phildel, the first fruit of further new material to come in 2019. She said: “The song is about the strength and resilience of love and the self, in the face of the fear of betrayal and loss.”

Having accumulated over 60 million streams with her previous work, including the internationally acclaimed Qi and The Kiss (featured in ads for Apple, Burberry and more), the past five years have been a crucial period of transience for Phildel, represented by the scale and adventure present throughout the new material.

She added: “The drama in the new recordings is implicit and implied through a sparse but meticulous placement of sound and texture. Space has been used as much as sound in this album, as a way to create a powerful and emotive world through the music.”

Phildel’s album Wave Your Flags will be released in February 2019.


Phildel – The Deep

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