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Milwaukee maniac Juiceboxxx ended his Never Surrender Forever EP promo tour at the Waiting Room in London. The eccentric artist has been part of the punk-rap music scene for over 15 years and in addition to that, he also runs Thunderzone Records and has a weekly newsletter called The Box Report.

Like he always says, “I got a job and that’s to stay alive, 24/7 not 9 to 5”. And that pretty much sums up the way he does music. During his live show, it’s impossible not get transported by his positivity and energy and since there’s no supporting artists on the bill for this show, he decided to say a few jokes to warm the room up before starting the set.

It’s quite hard to sum up the Juiceboxxx experience. He is like a thunderstorm that hits you in the face and that has the capacity to bring you to a completely different dimension during his performance. And he’s nothing if not predictable, jumping everywhere both on and off stage; one moment he is rolling on the floor and the next laying down on a bench or screaming in the middle of the crowd.

The best way to enjoy the Juiceboxxx experience is perhaps to go along with an open mind and just let his punchy live performance blow you away.


Review & photos by Selena Ferro


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Juiceboxxx – Freaking Out

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