LIVE: Childcare

Continuing their Luckyucker tour, one of London’s most underrated bands returned to their home patch to put on a night that no-one will forget anytime soon.

Childcare are no strangers to Sync‘s pages so regular visitors to our little corner of the web will be fairly familiar with them by now, but unless you’ve seen them live, it really is only half the story; there’s some serious musicianship going on here.

Frontman Ed Cares is all limbs and swagger, and holds the attention brilliantly. In any other band, he would be the unequalled focal point, but this foursome has something of an embarrassment of riches… well, one Rich at least, in the form of Rich Le Gate, a livewire bundle of brilliance on guitar.

Delivering the mighty impressive rhythm backbone to the show is accomplished drummer Glyn Daniels, whose versatility is put to good use throughout what is a highly varied set. And last but not least, is the epitome of versatility herself in the form of Emma Topolski on bass, who also variously serves as backing vocalist and occasional lead vocals, demonstrating a range and delivery that is simply flawless.

For 50+ minutes, they rattled through their inventive, uplifting repertoire, raising and lowering the tempo at will, but always totally on point and as tight as any band you’ll see. Man Down, Kiss? and Magazines were our particular set highlights, but really, there was no filler here. Ably supported on the night by VC Pines and Lazy Day, this was a triumphant homecoming for Childcare. All those there to witness it were Luckyuckers indeed.

Words by Martin Allen / Photos by Linda Brindley


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