We love our quirk here at Sync Towers, and it doesn’t get much more quirky than this. The NY-based and brilliantly-named Emergency Tiara – aka Tokyo-born singer Juri – has shared her latest release with us today and it’s a mighty catchy one.

Juri deploys her signature vintage-inspired sound to tackle the subject of a generation glued to their devices. She says: “Many of us spend so much time on our phones or tablets with our faces glued to screens, all falling culprit to this generational obsession. We receive a big percentage of information and news through these devices and we don’t realise all of the so many beautiful aspects of life that are passing by, right in front of us.”

Starting her musical journey being classically-trained, Juri quickly turned her attention to pop music and has dedicated her craft to a series of uplifting, fun and vintage-styled singles throughout 2018. Her material blends a multitude of these musical styles in one intriguing package. She explained to Sync: “Being Japanese, I grew up listening to a lot of J-Pop. At the same time, I was also listening to a lot of American and English soul, rock and jazz. But yes, at the core of it all is definitely J-Pop.”

Mobile Generation is released on 19 October.


Emergency Tiara – Mobile Generation

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