LIVE: Editors

Editors played a hometown show in Birmingham as part of their UK tour with a mammoth set that spanned pretty much the full spectrum of their six-album discography.

As much as the breakthrough tunes from their early days went down well as you might expect, it must be heartening for the band to note how big their newer material sounds on the live stage, not least Hallelujah (So Low) and Violence. It’s also pretty clear to long-time fans that the band appear to be enjoying themselves more than ever nowadays, not least irrepressable frontman Tom Smith whose energy and passion for the role appears undimmed from the start of their 16-years-and-counting career so far.

Theirs is a big sound which, it appears from what we’ve seen during the summer, almost works best of all on the festival stage. Nevertheless, it is a formula that has stood the test of time and continues to keep them towards the top of the pile of must-see live performers.

Setlist: The Boxer / Sugar / Hallelujah (So Low) / All Sparks / An End Has A Start / Someone Says / Darkness At The Door / Belong / Formaldehyde / Violence / No Harm / Bullets / A Ton of Love / Nothingness / Ocean of Night / Blood / Papillon / Magazine // Cold / The Racing Rats / Munich / Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors


Photos by Arta Gailuma



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