LIVE: Sea Girls

Indie rock outfit Sea Girls sold out a hot and sweaty Scala for the London leg of their UK tour. The four piece have had great success since releasing first single Call Me Out in 2017, followed up with two EPs and multiple singles.

They are known for their high energy performances, a reputation forged earlier this year when they undertook their first headline tour and subsequently during a stack of summer festival appearances.

For their Scala show, the room was fully packed with people. Some were on friend’s shoulders to get a better view, with others standing on the balconies to try and avoid the whole full-on ‘squeeze’. From halfway through the set, a mosh pit opened in the middle of the room, and fans pushed themselves towards the barricades every time lead singer Henry Camamile decides to get closer.

The highlight of the night is surely where Camamile, during the song Adored, takes the opportunity to get off the stage, hop the barrier and starts crowd surfing to end up completely swallowed up by the crowd. And all this was framed by a waterfall of white confetti.

During this run they are supported by The Pale White, a trio from Newcastle. Their sound is unique and bursting the cutting-edge style that matches their personalities. They also managed to find a fine balance between style and substance and it’s so nice to see a band that just started their journey to be that comfortable on stage and with each other.

Can’t help feeling that the future will only hold great things for both bands.


Words and photos by Selena Ferro



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