For every gig we go to – and between all of the Sync team, we go to a fair few!! – the support acts are always something of a must-see. Not only is it important to support new and emerging artists, but in all honesty, we’ve seen some of our very favourite bands for the first time playing the warm-up slots.

Often you see a band with a spark of promise that makes you sit up and take notice. It’s altogether rarer to chance upon a band that sounds like the finished article but that’s exactly what happened when we caught SUN SILVA‘s show supporting Swimming Girls at London’s Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen recently.

The band – comprising Oscar Gormley (vocals/guitar), Jake Brown (drums), Sam Becker (bass), and Charlie Woof-Byrne (keys) – have already supported some top artists, including Jungle and Swimming Girls, and over the coming few weeks will be performing alongside the excellent Kawala and APRE on the Hopscotch tour, stopping off at various cities around the UK.

We caught up with drummer Jake Brown to find out more about a band we’re pretty sure are going to be regular fixtures on Sync in 2019…

SYNC: Please tell us a bit of the background to Sun Silva; who you are, how did things get started, and what exciting things have happened so far?
JAKE BROWN: We met at the Royal Academy of Music around three years ago and started playing together just for a bit of fun and to do something away from classical music. It was weird stuff to start with! Entirely instrumental and all acoustic instruments, a substantially far cry from the music we are making now. We’ve had some great experiences so far, supporting Jungle at their album launch in September was a particular highlight. We were also extremely fortunate to get our debut single Blue Light featured on the FIFA 19 soundtrack. That was a pretty crazy moment for us!


SUN SILVA – Blue Light

SYNC: How does the band’s songwriting process work? Does one of you typically take the lead or is it a more collaborative process?
JAKE: It depends on the song, usually someone comes up with an idea for a demo and then it’s extensively worked by the band before we head in to the studio, we like to have a pretty clear idea of how things are going to sound before we start recording. We all bring individual influences to the table and I think that’s what makes the writing process so exciting for us.

SYNC: It sounds like there is a wide range of influences at the heart of your music. How would you describe your sound and where you come from musically?
JAKE: I like to think we have quite an expansive sound that draws on a lot of influences. There are definitely aspects of classical music in there, but I would say we are equally inspired by bands that we all loved growing up; The Maccabees, Bombay Bicycle Club and Radiohead to name a few.

SYNC: We first found out about you when we caught your set supporting Swimming Girls’ London show, but now of course you’re about to hit the road alongside the superb Kawala and APRE. How did that tour come about and what are you most looking forward to about that run of shows?
JAKE: We are playing with Kawala and APRE as part of the hopscotch tour curated by Radio 1’s Jack Saunders. We are really grateful to Jack for giving us the opportunity to play alongside these two great bands and we are really looking forward to playing shows around the country to new audiences!

SYNC: Finally, what are the plans for the near future? Any new material or further live dates on the way in the New Year?
JAKE: We will be releasing our next single early in the new year and will probably playing shows around the release. It’s just been announced that we will be playing Hit the North and Live at Leeds next year which is really cool. Having grown up in Leeds, I’m pumped to be doing a homecoming show!

SUN SILVA: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud


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