LIVE: The Blinders

The Blinders returned to Southampton, this time to play to a sold-out Heartbreakers venue, filled with fans of all ages. This was part of their massive 22-date autumn tour in support of their debut album Columbia, released back in September.

The band wasted no time, kicking their set off with the opening track from their album, Gotta Get Through, followed by L’etat C’est Moi and latest single Brave New World with lyrics that scream politics, backed by a frenzy of drum and guitars.

The Blinders continued to perform the majority of songs from their album, with previous releases, Swine and Ramona Flowers being thrown into the mix too, to the crowd’s pleasure. The crowd were energetic, bouncing off the energy created by the band on stage, often moshing in a giant wave, but were particularly enthusiastic with penultimate song Brutus.


TheBlinders_Heartbreakers (3)
The Blinders, Southampton, 9/11/18 (photo © Phoebe Reeks for Sync)


Lead vocalist and guitarist, Thomas Haywood closed their set with a stripped back solo performance of the album’s closing track Orbit. The crowd were especially united with this one, with arms round each other, singing along. Haywood and band members, Charlie McGough (bass) and Matt Neale (drums) put on an incredible live performance, showing professionalism despite some slight technical difficulties to start with.

The Blinders are creating strong music and in a style which sets them apart from most mainstream music today. This band, with their haunting guitar and heavy bass and drum beats, are sure to be ones to watch.


Setlist: Gotta Get Through / L’etat C’est Moi / Brave New World / Where No Man Comes / Free The Slave / I Can’t Breathe Blues / Swine / Hate Song / Rat in a Cage / Ramona Flowers / Et Tu / Brutus / Orbit


Review & photos by Phoebe Reeks


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